"I Just Came From The Moon is an unabashed listen of a creatively cohesive adventure. One to savor many times over, especially for the adventurer within."
- About ‘National Strangers Association’. Staccatofy. 2018.

”The five musicians ensure both nuances and life, making the music come straight down from the moon to embrace you” ★★★★★☆

- About “Hoax”. Kjeld Fransen, Berlingske (major Danish newspaper). 2017.

”The winning orchestra has a homogeneous and strong personal expression, where the unpredictable is possible, and where communication is paramount. The music spans from fragile sincerity, to the embracing and challenging, where strong solistic performances and great compositions invites the listener into a organic and lyrical universe” 

- Ung Jazz (Danish Jazz Competition) jury, announcing IJCFTM as the winners of the 2016 edition.

Reviewers from all over Europe have recently taken a serious interest in ‘I Just Came From The Moon’, praising the Danish quintets ability to combine the fragile sincerity of nordic jazz with a modern indie-vibe. 


The band started as a way of expanding what was already a close friendship between five guys at the Royal Academy Of Music in Aarhus. In 2016 they applied for the national jazz competition ‘Ung Jazz’ (Young Jazz), which they ended up winning at a sold out Jazzhouse in Copenhagen. That led to a long line of concerts at both clubs and festivals, but it also made the recording of a debut album possible. In 2017 the band released ‘Hoax’ digitally and on 12” vinyl and the album received immediate recognition from both major, Danish newspapers and international blogs.

Later that year, I Just Came From The Moon recorded a live session of new material that ended up as ‘National Strangers Association’ - a short, digital EP-release, accompanied by beautiful, vibrant live videos. The new material was also well received and sparked the beginning of serious, international attention. In 2018, the band was first invited to play two shows at Oslo Jazz Festival, before being selected as Denmark's contribution to the Nordic Jazz Comets program, that included a show at the EFG London Jazz Festival. 


Following those shows, I Just Came From The Moon was selected for a concert at the exclusive Danish Club Night at the biggest, European jazz fair; ‘Jazzahead’ in Bremen, Germany. A highlight for the band, but also an opportunity to play for some of the most important people in the European part of the music business. The show led to an ongoing dialogue with both bookers and labels from Finland, Holland and Norway, to name a few. 

I Just Came From The Moon have spend the last year tracking a load of new material for a follow up album to be released in 2021.